2009-2011 proved to be difficult years for most of the world in terms of disposable income. For that reason (and travel schedules) I only participated in a few shows.

During spring 2011 my husband and I spent 4 months in San Felipe, Mexico – finally dry and warm for the first time in years! Because of that I missed a few early shows.  So I began to focus mostly on the Trinidad Artists Market – Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm during the summer.

I’ve also moved some of my jewelry online to my etsy shop, and I often have a sale going on there.  I continue to move more there, once I am able to get more of it photographed, cataloged and uploaded. It all takes time.

Things haven’t changed much, but I still do the occasional crafts fair because I do love to meet my customers. Please feel free to check back here to get on my email list and I’ll send you information as it updates.

In the meantime, let’s hope the economy continues to improve and people go back to feeling comfortable buying things they love that are not strictly related to survival!

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