Recycled / Upcycled Jewelry

The northern coast of California where I live is very big on recycling – which is part of why we fit in so well I guess.  Hubby and I have been recycling for years, and as children of parents who lived during the Great Depression (as opposed to the Not-So-Great-Recession we are currently living through), it's just hard for us to toss out perfectly useful stuff.

So, it delights me when I am able to re-purpose things that would otherwise simply go to landfill.

Last fall, on a morning walk, I found some broken glass by the side of the road. It was a gorgeous blue color and I decided I would take it home and see what happened with it in my kiln.  The results were fascinating, and because I couldn't mix it with other glass, I had to get pretty creative in finding ways to fashion it into jewelry since the pieces were too small to make into windchimes.

Since that time I've experimented with wine, beer, soda bottles and glass jars. When the glass is clear I can paint the back with glass paints, or I can adhere prints of my paintings. I can also wire wrap them.

Here are some of the happy results:


I also donate 20% of the sales for any recycled jewelry to, an organization that funds micro-enterprises around the world. I use my loans specifically to fund artisans since I appreciate the time and effort that goes into art, and as a single mother I remember how creative I had to be sometimes to make sure my daughter was clothed, fed and housed.

You can see some of the artisans I (and you, my customers) have helped to fund by clicking on the KIVA tab at the top of this page.

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